I am an artist, educator and researcher - a combination of interests that pushes me to view life in rich and complex ways.  This interest in complexity is reflected in my art, which are contemporary mosaics made with handcrafted paper.  Over the past few years, my work has become increasingly architectural and abstract.  I am inspired by the geometry of Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass windows and the unique color combinations and “stacked” designs of Gustav Klimt’s paintings.  I want my work to be visually engaging while at the same time being comfortable to live with.  Whether I am creating art as a large focal point or small accent piece, I hope my work is uplifting, a conversation-starter, and a statement of each owner's individuality.

As an educator, I teach graduate level courses in a Master's of Adult Education Program at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Currently, I teach Instructional Methods for Adult Learners, Adult Learning Theory, Program Planning and Evaluation, and Research Methods. 

As a researcher, I balance both quantitative and qualitative interests.  I have stretched and developed my "quantitative muscles" as a research analyst in Institutional Research and as an administrator in the field of Insitutional Effectiveness.  My qualitative research interests are currently focused on arts-based research methods and life history methods to study learning related to the development of social consciousness in female non-profit leaders.  Research publications and my curriculum vita may be viewed on the "Research" page of this website.